How to Rank Smaller Websites on Google in 2022 – FAST Method for Non-Techies

You see all these big sites dominating Google, but, hey, we’re not all big sites, we’re not all billion-dollar companies. What happens if we have a small website with little to no backlinks, very little content? Is it even possible for us to get rankings on Google? Today I’m going to break down how to rank smaller websites fast in Google in 2022.

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Look, here’s something that you may not know. Google’s diversity update in June 2019 gave different types of sites more opportunities to rank by limiting the number of times a single domain can appear in a single SERP.

A single website can’t rank more than two times in a SERP. That excludes branded key terms, of course. But this allows smaller sites to have a chance to rank among the big dogs like Amazon, or Microsoft, or whoever else it may be that’s dominating the SERPs.

So, how do you go out there and rank your new site that’s small, really high, at a quick time period?

Well first off, you can start with exact-match domain name.

Now a lot of people say exact-match domain names don’t work as well as they used to, and that’s correct, but they still do. Now creating a domain that’s a exact match to the service or product you’re selling is a great way to get some traction in the SERPs.

This works specifically well for localized keywords and long-tail keywords. It doesn’t work well for head terms. If your site gets a little traffic, scoring an exact-match domain name could get you a spot really high up in the SERPs. did a study on exact-match domain names for one-page sites. They tested multiple exact-match domain names and created small sites for those domains. And this is what they found.

The next thing that you can do is build one-on-one engagements with customers.

Where big brands often tend to ignore is small things like personal engagements with their customers. This is how I compete with really large companies. You’ll see that I respond to comments on, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, even Instagram. I’m pretty much everywhere, why? Because I care about you and I care about your success.

And, just doing that more personal approach will start gaining you those social signals, which will help you with your search engine rankings.

Next, I want you to focus on long-tail keywords.

Focus on the less competitive key terms that big brands typically ignore. Focusing on long-tail keywords is a great way to find high-quality traffic. Since long-tail keywords are typically more specific in nature, scoring them typically generates more leads, more sales, more conversions.

Now, if you’re looking for these long-tail keywords, the easiest way to find them is you go to Ubersuggest, you type in a keyword that’s a head term, and it’ll show you in the keyword ides report all the long-tail variations, and even other head term variations of that keyword.

Next, I want you to create valuable specialty content in your niche.

Did you know that Google prefers niche sites over broad sites? Since your site is a smaller site, you can have a complete focus on your specialty and niche. This will help you do better than your competition. This allows you to provide more value for your users in your content, which is often ignored by those larger companies. You can become the credible go-to source for anything in your vertical. Just look at

Brian Dean is known as the link guy in the SEO industry. He’s really gotten niche specific. Sure he does more than that, and he’s smart, and he’s an amazing guy, I’ve known him for years, but taking that niche was really smart by him.

This allows you to offer more value than any broad site out there, which then, in turn, helps with your rankings in the long run. Next, you want to make your site mobile-friendly. I can’t reiterate this enough.

00:00 – Introduction
01:08 Tip 1 – Start With Exact-Match Domain Name
03:10 Tip 2 – Build on 1-on-1 Engagements with Customers
04:08 Tip 3 – Focus On Long-Tail Keywords
05:11 Tip 4 – Create Valuable Specialty Content in Your niche
06:38 Tip 5 – Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

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  1. I cannot recall how many times I’ve commented on Youtube videos from people providing information where I asked a question and simply got NO response. I certainly don’t have any expectations on getting response on this particular comment, but I just thought that it was a very interesting point you made on responding to post comments. I understand it’s not easy to keep up with comments on Channels with a large subscriber count. It just shows however that you do care about your followers by responding to well intended comments every once in a while.

  2. Would I be able to create a bunch of these micro/one page sites with exact match domain names and link them all to one site to increase traffic to the main site. Or would that tactic be seen as too black hat.

  3. Neil is really a kind guy and always answering my questions like he said in the video! 🙂 Do you think it would be beneficial if different domains lead to the same website to get an advantage for the ranking of those keywords? I read it can harm the ranking if not set up properly. Could you talk a bit about it please? 🙂

  4. Thank you so much . I sarted my small online store business . I am facing lots of Problem . My website takes more time to load
    one of the big problem . Hope so now I can solve my problem . I will keep watching you upcoming vidéo

  5. Why I don’t have any traffic and visitors during my business hours, even I post pictures often , and I have traffic and visitors during my night time. I need help. Thank you

  6. Thank you for sharing these valuable insights. These videos break down the main tips and concepts into bite-size chunks that are so helpful. I always walk away with actionable steps I can take immediately without feeling overwhelmed. Thanks so much, Neil!

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