Jerome Powell And The Coming Collapse (mini-doc)

Jerome Powell and The Fed. Market Crash. Stocks and Crypto.
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The Federal Reserve is unlike any other in the world; a crazy genetic mashup of different animals.. part private bank and part government agency. See, the Fed has been placed in a weird spot for the last few decades.

During the Global Financial Crisis, the Fed slashed interest rates to zero for the first time in history.

Economists called this 0 percent interest rate the “zero bound,” and it was once believed that you couldn’t go below 0….That is, until one man: Ben Bernanke, decided to put the economy in creative mode, and perform a radical experiment.

But someone saw the dangers… and knew that if nothing was done…the United States could collapse on itself, taking the entire world with it. His name: Jerome Powell.

Jerome Powell
Federal Reserve
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  1. Max, love the cuts in your videos where you show yourself in a different outfit, like gangster Max. I happened to be near a church and…DUDE put on the out fit and…you look like JESUS himself!!! Keep up the GREAT videos man!

  2. okay so basically the current head of main financial institution is a guy who makes tons of personal cash by burdening other companies with crippling debt?
    what could have gone wrong?

  3. It's not an everything bubble, it's a currency collapse. Turns out having a financial system build on government debt and a government that spends like a drunken sailor means you need to print money to keep things functional.

  4. Thanks again Max. Its art what you make and at the same time its very disturbing news.
    Earning big money on dept…its sounds something like the dark forces.

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