How To Rank #1 on Google in 4 Minutes

In this video, I will share a simple tip that helps you put your site on top of google to get more free organic traffic to your website.
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  1. * This time all respect for you gone. Not only you but your father also can not rank on google in 4 min. I have not expected such cheap content from you. I Hav reported this though I know that nothing will happen.*

  2. Sorry i didn't get it !! What do you mean go through this article.. Is it mean make like this article using keyword that he use. Or copy past or what. Sorry i tried many time to understand what you will say but i didn't understand thanks.

  3. This video is complete click bait and you did not show what you promised. You simply promoted your site and referred us to another video that does now show how to accomplish this in minutes. In fact, in that video you said that it wouldn’t happen so quickly. Such a joke and a waste of time.

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