The ACTUAL Habits that Made Me a Millionaire (TRY THIS)


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  1. Love the way you think. Deep inside me is that same fire. I just need to bring it back up. I have been told over and over that "you can't do that, this is not for you," All of the doubter's have beaten me down, but it time to rise back up…. Thank you Anthony.

  2. Did you know that I watch your videos three times in a row?

    The first time as it is

    The second is translated into Arabic

    The third is to compare the extent of comprehension and comprehension

    The result: I benefited a lot in the field of business administration, as well as the improvement of my English learning.

    Thank you very much, Mr. Morrison

  3. I agree with you write down your plan. Surround yourself with positive successful people.and make it a habit to want more. By having more you have the resources and you can model success. Great content.

  4. Handwriting your priorities is so much better than using a computer program. Just as is taking notes by hand while in a seminar or class instead of typing in your laptop. It helps me focus and remember "stuff" like no other method. The idea of making it a habit to always want more as a means to staying energetic and goal driven makes a lot of sense. Thanks for all the insight into your success.

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