11 Full-Time Bloggers Share How They Did It

Ever wonder what it’s like to “make it” as a blogger? Well, in this video 11 people who are earning a full-time income (and more) talk about how they did it and how it has impacted their lives.

0:00 – “Making It” as a full-time content creator
0:59 – How much people make from their sites
2:31 – How long did it take to get to a full-time income
5:52 – Do they still work a normal job
8:11 – The biggest changes in their lives
10:59 – Key learnings and surprises
12:53 – Do you love your work now?
14:05 – Insights from full-time bloggers

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  1. Hi, Goodmorning, Goodafternoon, Goodevening to all you beautiful people! I hope this question gets answered 🙏 I’ve been following income school for some time now and you guys are absolutely killing it! Thank you so much for all that your doing! I am very interested in investing into Project 24. But I was wondering about the following. I live in The Netherlands, here things are probably a bit different then over there. So my question is, will Project 24 be a valid for me as well all over here in The Netherlands? I don’t know if this question makes any sense, but I was wondering if it would make a difference where you live. Thank you again so much for everything! You guys are absolutely amazing ❤️

  2. I thinking found one of reasons income school does so well with google. It’s not only about topical autority what income school preaches, but also about uniek valued content. Google has a patent about information gain score. It describes perfectly what incomeschool is doing with original research.

    With that said. Reranking and historical data can be taken in to a count when a site has History data about a topic. Google will give the source credit for providing unique content and can few the resource as part of minimalquality threshold on the serps.

    I want to thank income school for my progress and hope they keep doing the work they are doing! “May all the students of income school become rich, amen”

  3. Wow! That's amazing how they change their lives! I can see that they are in different moments in their lives and they are different ages as well. This project works for everyone. Congrats guys!

  4. I tried blogging a year ago and signed up to income school today nothing has changed no views no traffic nothing works wasted a lot of money there is a lot more details they won't tell you about having a website and make it successful online courses are misleading found more info browsing youtube and was free

  5. Awesome stuff, Ricky, as always. I've been thinking of starting the blog for some time but I haven't decided on 'niche' yet. I am betwen either doing ''informational educational niche doing Ecommerce or Marketing education niche, but I would love your thoughts. I know education is tough niche.

  6. Lol true to their scamming nature, this channel removes all comments that are not a direct praise of them. What better proof of how dishonest they are. Greedy bastards

  7. Awesome video, I really needed to see that. I joined Project 24 few days and so far I'm loving it. I have so many questions but hopefully will be answered eventually. Still stuck in the search analysis lessons(having some difficulties there) for now. Is there anywhere else in the program where this is discussed in more details?

  8. Thank God for blogging

    Blogging changed my life .. I just finished university and I am in my own apartment blogging all day.

    Not really at the full income level .. but one day, I'll get there full.

  9. @Income School: Are these people all experts in a particular field, or can anyone who really wants to build a successful blog do it – even without talent or expertise?

  10. What percent of the students that finish the program (and do what they are instructed to do) earn at least 4K per month? This video is great and I appreciate the channel but I'm genuinely curious.

  11. This was so good for me to hear. I am at month 6 with 58 posts published so far. I’m keeping my nose to the grindstone! Is it bad that I was inspired by hearing that I’m not the only one that is a bit behind the P24 schedule?!?! As I see traffic starting to take off I am motivated to catch up to where I am supposed to be. And I just finished listening to Work Energy. Hearing Jim talk about groundhogging it made me more determined than ever! You all have given us so many resources to succeed. I feel like I can actually do this!!!

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