Digital Oil Wells – The Best "Make Money Online" Strategy, Ever.

This is the most important framework/mental model I learned from the greatest marketer you’ve never heard of… Kevin Hutto.  This episode was first published on my podcast feed which is available on all podcast apps!

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If you’d like to hear more of his ideas, you can check out the youtube video we published before he passed away, last year, here: 

And his content on his channel here:


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  1. I'm diggin' your audio format, Miles. I'm thinking a modern-day Earl Nightingale. Kinda miss your happy aura on the screen but I have all the old videos for that, I guess. Best of both Worlds.

  2. Hey, MIles. I've been a subscriber since 2016th when you barely had 100 subs. As the time passed by less and less frequent. However this is the first episode in 1 year that I listened to from begninning to end without any skipping or fast forwarding! Awesome! Hope you have the inspiration to produce more content of this type.

  3. Hey Miles, I have a very specific question regarding your 90 day challenge video:

    So. I have that solution to a problem, the customers have (lets say website building, way cheaper but without sacrificing advantages).
    Now. Nobody is actively searching for that specific tool in my country.
    But the competitor (which is way more costly and therefore has a better affiliate system) is well known in my country.

    The SEO on the competitor is in the 20-(max.) early 30's. So it wouldnt be too hard going in there i imagine.

    BUT. The true value that i want to give is with the superior solution (that nobody searches for, yet). Its non-negotiably more valuable.

    So what to do now?

    Shall i do ALL my blog posts and content and maybe also domain name specific to the competitor?
    I feel like i am not giving the true value there.

    But if i go all in on the more valuable solution, I neglect one big teaching of yours, which is to go for phrases that people do actively look for.

    Now, I could do 50/50 or 70/30 or something. But the main problem i seem to have despite the question whether or not to drop the more valuable solution and rather go for the competitor(?) in your opinion is:

    How would i transition from "Here's the Guide to XY (the competitor)" to the real valuable solution that i want to provide.

    I am now going into SEO for the first time. And i encounter this problem that people are actively searching for what I personally dont see as a good solution at all for them. But at that stage they do not know better.

    Now. Shall i deflect real fast from the competitor or give a true, valuable guide to the competitor in the blog posts AND THEN shortly (or more extensively?) tell them about that superior solution and link it at the END (or start?) of the article/youtube video?

    If you read that, thanks very much for all your help miles and have a wonderful day 🙂

  4. Hey miles, awesome podcast episode. i do have a question about analytics tho.

    I'm trying to start my blog, I purchased the a2 hosting, got my WordPress set up but now I'm stuck. I'm trying to connect google analytics to my WordPress but there is no "tracking info" option anymore.

    How can I connect analytics? You may need to update that "start your blog" post a bit because things were a bit different when I'm trying to purchase and set up.

    I'd really appreciate if you could help me connect analytics up, thanks

  5. Hi Miles,

    What an interesting share! I think this was a very insightful share, and I learned several things from it. I am so glad that you decided to share this amazing video with us. It really was a great watch, and I will definitely share this within my network to help my group learn from it as well. I think I will definitely be checking out your podcast. Looking forward to learning more from you on different platforms.

  6. Love the content man.

    Quick question when u say to write more than your competitors on top lists (for example writing the 13 best if your competitor has a 11 best) are you referring to all the results on the first page on Google not necessarily the first result, correct? If yes, is there a limit? Like for example let's say in the first page there's a 49 best, should I really write a 51 best top list?

    Plus u alway see the biggest numbers at the end of the page and on top shorter top lists like top 5 or top 10. It makes me wonder if creating these extra long top lists is the way to go.

    Thanks man

  7. Hey Miles! Yes cool idea and how you research so you can have little oil wells that consistently generate several sales a day x many many small wells = can quit your job!!

  8. This is a perfect way to analogize the Desire (buying pressure) that Eugene Schwartz talks about. I remember that Zoom call you did with Kevin a while back. Didn't really understand how successful he was. May he RIP and thanks for passing these tips along that will get Black Gold, Texas Tea!

  9. Hi Miles, we are interested in partnering with you on your upcoming video. We've contacted you via the form on your website. Looking forward to hearing from you soon and collaborating! — Zoe

  10. Interesting. I finally came back to your content four years later. Might need to undo the YouTube app and just get the podcast, it’s too negative on here. You may be right.

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