Cardano ADA: I Was Wrong

Cardano ADA will launch DJED stablecoin with ADA minting mechanism. DJED vs UST

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0:00 Cardano ADA
0:33 Cardano and stablecoins
1:23 What is Cardano DJED?
4:45 How DJED works
11:55 UST vs DJED

Celsius Network:

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  1. This protocol is not immune maybe better than luna but I’d like someone with strong mathematical skills to work out situations if there is an attack on Djed or Shen.I sense they will let it grow and do a coordinated attack. But I could be wrong. They want a dollar peg to be standard and I sense lots of forces will be out there to look for vulnerabilities. Remember,if this protocol fails it will have an impact on Ada regardless of a peg or not and to suggest otherwise is as good as saying if it is successful, the success of protocol won’t lift Ada and that’s a stretch. Great projects are a must for an ecosystem to grow and bad projects are recipe for stagnation.

  2. Nothing against ADA but I now see why so many non crypto people think it’s all a Ponzi, because algorithmic stable coins look very much like a Ponzi to them. New money coming in to satisfy previous commitments. TBH algorithmic coins are killing the industry in its infancy because it is never stable for long. They say that all fiat eventually goes to zero, but until that point, at least it’s guaranteed. Ever increasing inflation seems to be the price we pay for that. Stable coins, however, can only provide that guarantee once they have some measure of centralisation. Harsh, but true. It’s also true that the majority of people will NOT migrate to crypto until there is some guarantee. Maybe regulation will provide at least American s with some measure of guarantee.

    Remember in the world of finance, everything is open to being attacked and manipulated. If you create a peg, someone out there with big bags will try to exploit or break it and because crypto is still in its infancy, every coin that breaks deters the wider public from ever adopting it.

  3. This is the people's and humanist's coin. Not Wallstreets. That's it. That's what Crypto is originally all about and why Cardano will succeed. That and bc of Charles being involved. The Steve Jobs of Crypto. The Che Guevara of Crypto.
    Power to the people. Cardano for humanity!

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