The #1 Website To Make $15,000 & Build Your Income Streams TODAY | Marissa Romero

The #1 Website To Make $15,000 & Build Your Income Steams TODAY | Marissa Romero // Do you want to have your own online business, start making passive income online or generate multiple streams of income with only one website? In today’s video, I’ll be giving you my very best top tips on how you can get started on YouTube and create a channel that sells.


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0:00 Start making online income now
0:53 YouTube as a marketing tool
2:06 Fear of rejection // Impostor Syndrome
2:59 The tools you need for YouTube
5:49 My Channel Was Hacked and Deleted
6:20 Treat YouTube as a Job
7:16 Get Over the Fear of Analytics
9:14 Monetize Your Channel
11:26 Make your Services Online and Tangible
13:20 Sales Funnels on Crack
15:19 Let’s keep growing together


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  1. Hello. I am a new Subscriber to you. My Husband told me about you and I am loving the info. It is what I am needing.
    What screen share are you using? I like it because it is different. 🙂
    Happy New Year to you and your family. 😊

  2. You are such an inspiration! I love watching your videos. Just subscribed yesterday but can’t stop watching! I would really like to start YouTube Channel but just trying to figure out which of my hundreds of passions to focus on. I’m a graphic designer, video editor and animator as well…so I really think I can do this.

  3. Great info on your channel but a little overwhelming putting it all together and figuring out how to begin and make the leap from my 8 to 5 to making a living for myself online.

  4. Because you are clearly a Hollywood glamour lady, I am not able to responsibly focus on what you are saying with the required attentiveness for sound comprehension. Have a blessed day, cutie!!!!

  5. Youtube is indeed hard work. But if you stick it out you may be successful(I have to constantly remind myself of this,lol). Here's to all of us achieving good growth and success on this platform.

  6. I love your channel! You are de bomb!!! Thank you so much for all of your advice. I’m ready to start my channel and this video is right on time. Definitely going to check out tube buddy.

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