How to Promote Affiliate Products on Google Ads | New 2022 Step-By-Step Tutorial

Doing affiliate marketing on Google Ads isn’t easy.

That’s why in this video I show you not only how to make money with affiliate marketing and Google Ads, but also how to do is safely so your ads don’t get disapproved and your account doesn’t get banned.

This method is:

✔ 100% beginner-friendly
✔ Very cost-effective
✔ Very safe
✔ Requires no tech skills
✔ Quick to get started

By the end of this video, you should have a complete and ready-to-go website and be able to promote affiliate products on Google Ads right away.

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  1. Hi, how do you test the event snippet that you gave the vendor you're promoting to add to his thank you page without buying the product?

  2. Hi Ivan,
    i have watched many of your videos, both old and new, i liked them a lot especially the case study ones, great effort man! and i wonder, you have changed the way of advertising in Google from creating a landing page to create a website with a blog, is it because Google is now no approving landing pages or is it because it generally a better way?

  3. Hey Ivan – question for you — when you start a new ads campaign using this method, how long do you let these run before you say this product isn’t working?

    Thanks! Great videos! 🔥🍻

  4. I really enjoy your videos about those advertisements, man! I have a question about Google ads because I intend to invest here. When we choose the right keywords, let's say I check Google to see if there are any ads on those keywords; if there are no ads on that keyword, is that good or bad? Should I target that keyword despite the fact that there are no ads for it on Google? Thank you ahead of time!

  5. VPN's Click issue Fraudulent Clicks

    In the past few months, we are facing VPN's Click on my google ads. Is there is any specific solution to fix it? Because our competitor clicks on our ads on daily basis by using different IPs from VPNs. And it cost me a huge amount per day. Is there anyone who can help me?

  6. hi ivan thanks alot for your efforts and infos , I have a question 95% of Clickbank products are forbidden to promote using brand bidding , is there any great ideas to promote them friendly way ?

  7. I must say that creating Google Ads have intimidated me for years. With your direction I just created an ad that I feel confident will get approved. 😌 Thank you so much.

  8. Great video, but how can this be possible to track keywords that do get sales, would the tactic most likely just to try and get the most clicks for the lowest cpa and almost have hundreds of visitors and hoping to make sales because I can’t see how you could track the sales?

    I would say clickmagic tracking links but we all know Google hates that and won’t approve so just asking if you would know?😇

  9. Awesome man, I really like your videos about those Ads! I have a question regarding Google ads as I plan to invest here. When we chose the right keywords and let's say I check on Google are there some ads on those keywords, if there is nobody doing an ad on that keyword is it good or bad? Should I target that keyword although there are no ads in Google for that keyword? Thanks in advance!

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