How I Made $3,592 DIRECT LINKING On Google Ads (Step-By-Step Tutorial)


I made $3,592 US direct linking an offer on Google Ads.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you exactly:

✔ What the offer was
✔ How I was able to direct link
✔ Step-by-step process for direct linking

This is a completely beginner-friendly tutorial. You don’t need to have ANY prior experience to benefit from what I’m about to show you.

You also don’t need to spend money on a:

✔ Website builder
✔ Landing page builder
✔ Autoresponder software
✔ Tracking software

So it’s the simplest way to making money online on Google Ads.

My ROI on this specific campaign was close to 200%, which is more than any other campaign I ever ran before.

Want to learn how you can make such easy money on Google Ads yourself?

Watch the video in full to see how.

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  1. Hi, multiple times google terminates my accounts saying i m circumventing the rules by putting a landing page aiming at directing visitor to another page , the only account of mine which is still working for affiliate marketing is the direct sales page url of the domain that contains in its end my aff id (which less than 1 %of affiliate programs gives such privilege to its affiliate) , do you recommend any programs with such direct affiliate links ? Thanks

  2. Hi Ivan, I'm one month into "affiliating" and mostly training myself and this video made this method very clear (I didn't realize this was even possible!), but I have a question…I just subscribed to ahrefs and its a wonderful tool, allowing me to look up keyword difficulty, etc. Now, for this method, would it be beneficial to find low ranking keywords that have few-to-no ads on search result page and "exact match" those keywords when setting up a campaign? I hope this question makes sense…I'm a little overwhelmed at this point and I don't know what I don't know 🙂 Thanks for sharing your methods! Dave

  3. Seriously, what are you going to lose if you show an abondoned/dead campaign? The vid may go viral and help you grow your channel. So, when will you publish the vid?

  4. If you want to watch your videos why do you lie like that? I think by following your advice on YouTube many Google accounts have been blocked because of your fake success in affiliate marketing

  5. So if the affiliate does redirect, could you just put the website URL as the main and display URL, and put the affiliate link as your tracking template, similar to Microsoft ads?

  6. I am ready to pay infront anyone who can help me set live my campaigns in my country i have very big suspend problems, My Campaigns are Fully Ready
    Please anyone who can help me, I am desperate

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  8. I really wanna believe your methods but unfortunately the account will be banned even with a landing page. I think you guys have account farms. So it's not a big deal if you're account get banned

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