Google Ads + Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (SAFEST WAY) | Complete Step-By-Step Crash Course

Doing affiliate marketing on Google Ads isn’t easy.

That’s why in this video I show you not only how to make money with affiliate marketing and Google Ads, but also how to do is safely so your ads don’t get disapproved and your account doesn’t get banned.

This method is:

✔ 100% beginner-friendly
✔ Requires no tech skills
✔ Quick to get started

By the end of this video, you should have a complete and ready-to-go website and be able to promote affiliate products on Google Ads right away.

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  1. 🙁 very bad video
    you didn't say about pages like terms and conditions, privacy policy etc.
    and the most important thing – you are not allowed to promote a page that includes affiliate links, otherwise you got banned. you didn't say it.
    you are not playing fair, dude…

  2. But if we put an affiliate link on the website, we will 100% immediately get banned. How about replacing it with a link from a tracker?

  3. I am trying to set up my Google Ads account and it keeps asking me for a website. I dont have a website, I want to sell other peoples products (affiliate marketing) So what should be my business name. They wont let me move forward.

  4. Thanks for the great work Ivan. Can you please point me on the timeline where you link the Clickbank URL to the Google Ad campaign? I seem to have missed it 😔. Thanks

  5. Hello Ivan. I have been looking at videos and ads for getting in to affiliate marketing and have felt completely lost on where and how to start. Other people have tons of videos that show the basics without going in to detail. Thank you for the step by step, you have boosted my confidence that I can make this work.

  6. Hey, why you are misleading to the people to show your wrong work / strategy.This kind of website Google never approve them no privacy pages contact us page and other stuff. If you actually deliver the knowledge to the people then show your exact strategy.You are sale your course online sale your name cheap plan. I think u understand my point.

    People blindly follow your strategy. It’s your responsibility to deliver exact technique that you’re apply. Please 🙏 stop this wrong things

  7. Thanks Ivan for the details of creating everything from scratch. However, as many others viewers, we would like the details of the ads. Normally we need a high budget daily to test many different keywords, low target CPC cost less but cannot test enough, so it will burn a lot of money for testing. While with low daily budget and low CPC, it will take a very long time and may still no single sale.
    You need several sales before you can optimize the keywords, killing wasting one, boosting selling one.

    For your daily result in the beginning of the video, could you tell us how long you have taken to have first sale, and how long afterward to have constant sales, how much you have spent, and what is the ROI of the whole campaign?

  8. Hey Ivan, last time in your comments you mentioned that I would need a budget of Atleast $1500-2000 but in this video you're suggesting to keep the daily budget of $10. So if someone really writes good content and run ads with $10 daily expenditure then one might make a sale within a week. Please clarify if one would still need a bigger budget. This video method seems to be great for people with low budget.

  9. আমাদের আর্থিক অবস্থা খুব খারাপ. আমি আমার মা বাবার পাশে দাঁড়াতে চাই ওদের কে ভালো রাখতে চাই. তোমরা একটু help করো plz🙏

  10. Which metrics should I check in google ads when Sales are coming?
    Is this conversion metrics?

    Can you make a video about how to see the metrics when sales are coming and in which keyword is giving the sales?

  11. Hi Ivan great content man I've been following your channel from a while now, I've a suggestion for you each time you show any google or bing ads campaign please also share the next day or a week's result or till you got any sale from that campaign. Also please show how you optimize and scale, if you could show that for free that would be immense value from your side.
    Cheers 🙂

  12. Brother please share some 100% Unique content writing tool/Sowfter so that we can write our blog post or affiliate products review post without copy & can do index on google,bing…..Plz brother need it asap…..🙏🙏❤❤

  13. Hi Ivan, ty for the video. I watched ur 1h and 30 min tutorial where u bulit this landing page on unbounce and I did it in wix and a ty page aswell. I required an email and a name and then I sent people to the ty page but how do I send, to the people an email with the guide after they enter their email and name? or a title with a little text its enaugh to send them to the product? but if yes what do i do with thei email and name if i don t send them anything?(btw I promote keto diet from clickbank and yes im a begginer). Pls, I hope u answer me pls 🙂 COMMENT FROM VIDEO: The Best FREE Page Builder Overview – Build Professional-Looking Pages (Going Into 2021) i just want an answear as fast as possible thats why i commented here aswell

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