How to Improve Your Google Ads With Ad Extensions (2020!)

Watch this video to learn more about the different types of Google Ads extensions and how you can create them and generate more clicks for your business!

If you find that people aren’t clicking on your ads and you have tons of impressions, perhaps it is time to increase your ad visibility.

And what better way to do that than with Google Ads ad extensions.

Putting them up is free and easy, but every time someone clicks on them, it DOES count as a click and you are charged the exact same as if someone clicked on your ad headline.

Keep in mind that these Google Ads ad extensions will not ALWAYS show up, and they will only show up if the space allows for it.

So don’t expect all the extensions you create to show up 100% of the time.

That being said, there are quite a few ad extensions we can talk about, so let’s go from top to bottom:

✔ Sitelink extensions:

Putting these show up as links that people can click on at the bottom of your ad that allows them to go to a specific part of your page, or a different page of your website if you provide the URL.

You will find this useful if you have multiple sections on your page and want your audience to navigate immediately to your ‘testimonials’, ‘about us’, ‘contact us’ section, and so on.

The point of these sitelink extensions is to show people about to click on your ad everything you have to offer and make it easier for them to navigate to the proper page.

But these sitelink extensions also take up a LOT of ad space, and if they end up showing up, you will dominate the ad space with the large sitelinks.

If you are too lazy and only have time for one ad extension – these sitelink extensions are the way to go.

✔ Callout extensions:

These are basic words or phrases that you can input that go below your ad description.

You can say anything here that describes your business, maybe something like ‘uniquely tailored service’, or ‘100% money-back guarantee’.

✔ Structured snippet extensions:

These allow you to describe what you are promoting in terms of a category.

There is a select list of categories Google has, such as ‘destination’, or ‘types’, but when you select that, just input the different types of that category that your website contains!

This helps organize the offer you are promoting and helps split them into groups.

For example if you are selling a variety of E-Book types, you can list all the different books and pieces of information the user will be getting.

✔ Call extensions:

These allow the person seeing your ad to either immediately call you by clicking the ‘call’ button, or see your number displayed right next to the URL if on desktop.

This is very useful if you want people to call you instead of just visiting your URL.

✔ Lead generation extensions:

These extensions allow you to gather visitor personal data WITHOUT having to take them to your website.

It’s in beta right now, and it’s cool because it increases the chances of someone entering in their name and email.

However I personally don’t like it because I want the user to see my website to remember me and know my brand.

But if you are an affiliate just gathering emails, this might be the way to go for you!

✔ Location extensions:

These allow you to place an address at the bottom of your ad that opens up in Google maps once a customer clicks on it.

This also makes your ad more prominent, but also allows the client to immediately see where you are located.

✔ Affiliate location extensions:

Same thing as location extensions, but if you have several different locations and want to let the client know that, this extension will let the user know the specific location which is closest to them.

✔ Price extensions:

These allow you to compare prices across the items or products that you are selling that show up just below your ad.

Especially useful if you are selling more than 1 product as it displays nicely for the customer to see.

You have to have at least 3 priced offers in order to use these extensions, so if you just have one pricing plan, you will not be able to use this extension.

✔ App extensions:

If you have a downloadable app related to your promotion, you can include it here so people can download it upon seeing your ad.

One of my favorite apps was “Uniwar”, so if using this extensions, your ad wil have a call-to-action just below the ad prompting people to download it.

✔ Promotion extensions:

These are awesome extensions that allow you to build a “limited-time offer” and offer a discount of some kind.

You can also specify whether the promotion is there due to some seasonal time of year, but it adds to the exclusivity and prompts the users to “buy now”.

That’s it!

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