Daniel Sesta and Andre Cronje are gearing up ve(3,3) / $rock (SOLIDSWAP) for a massive launch. This is all the information you need to know about Fantoms $FTM latest DeFi project that is taking over the DeFi ecosystem by store. ve(3,3) is going to be a massive game changer however protocols in the top 20 on Defillama based on LTV based on January 23rd snapshot are going to determine where the tokens are being distributed and HOW.




In this episode
– $5k giveaway in discord
– What is ve(3,3) that Daniele Sesta & Andre Cronje are secretly working on?
– How to get ve(3,3) tokens
– veDAO vs. FTM OG’s


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  1. Hello, I'm new to Biticon trade and Ive been
    making huge losses but recently I see a lot of
    people earning from it. please can someone tell
    me what l'm doing worng?

  2. my $400 –> now like $130 in time/wmemo is sitting tight.. not selling or unstaking till i hit 365 days.. i just hope $Time gets back to its previou valuation :/ i got in at around 6k oh well we'll see in due time

  3. So please inject liquidity into us top 20 so we can all get this damned airdrop. Then they turn around and keep for them selves. I for one won’t be using LQDR anymore. Good luck to all.

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