TikTok is Making You Poor

Tiktok Investing.
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The hashtags #crypto and #stocktok rack up BILLIONS of views on TikTok. Creators battle for eyeballs on their financial content… this could be the money they made that day, investments that they’re excited about, or profit making strategies.

Videos cover crypto, stocks, and really anything that may increase in value. This is a double edged sword though, because on one hand the more people curious about finance, the better.

On the other hand, you need a base of knowledge to be able to tell the finance gold from finance garbage. With existing knowledge you can take content with a grain of salt… Maybe picking up a good idea here and there, but the issue is most young adults turn to TikTok as a complete introduction to finance, and this can be the fast track to going broke.

TikTok trends
Personal finance
Social media

The TikTok Boom
0:38 My Experiment
1:11 TikTok is Broken
2:38 The TikTok Expert
4:40 TikTok Secret Sauce
5:50 This is a Serious Problem
7:58 Experiment Results
8:21 Offer

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*I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Some of the above links may be affiliate links*


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  1. I’m more PBS than TMZ so TikTok makes me legitimately curious if people still read books, it takes all the excesses of pop culture and blasts it on 11. 😱 Plus they track the living shit out of you, so I’m out.

  2. Thank.You.Max….for being the voice of reason (yet not derivative, boring, or formulaic) this is definitely my biggest gripe with crypto IN GENERAL. All of these crypto youtubers who always use super bright colors, excessive exclamation marks, dumbass facial expressions in their title cards, & salacious overly hype video titles represent the freakin bottom of the barrel in this space. Cringe isn’t even the word…so thanks again for your cool collected & consistently measured approach!

  3. Maybe i am to old for this, but how on earth does anybody come across the thought that taking financial advice from 60 sec tiktok videos could be a good idea?? If that is the peer, i get how Meet Kevin managed to sell the image of a serious investor (to kids). This has become general issue. Theres loads of videos like "Solve your problem XY in 30 secs.". On the other hand, if i look at my best friends 9 year old son, whos got an attention span of merely 30 secs, this seems like content he'd happily consume :/

  4. URGENT:
    Hi, bro can you please assist me with making video for my project?
    I want to talk to you two guys have already approached me in your name and they have proposals. So I want to make sure with you Please reply me

  5. Most people lie for ratings, and do very well.. sucks because a life of lies just sucks.. my question is; knowing that the PEOPLE would rather hear the lie what is the value of sharing the truth? my other question is.. would it better to kill stupid off and rich at the same time? you're cool max- and ill bet the people who follow you are cool people too.. heres and idea yesterday morning SHIB was up 8% + and doge.. a video every day as they rally in morning go all in and just blow up it

  6. Really great video Max, are tiktokers required to disclaim "Not financial advice" on their videos same as you are for youtube? If not, why not?

  7. If you're going to TikTok for financial advice, you know you're in need a financial conservator since you're mentally and emotionally incapable of making financial decisions on your own.

  8. I’ve checked just a few ideas you gave here. None of them worked so well as you advertised them. So I keep my top #1 rule: don’t trust anyone in financial world and use YouTubers as a counter advices.

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