I Spent $10,000 on Pionex Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots. Pionex trading bots tutorial.
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I have been fascinated with crypto trading bots recently and decided to try out Pionex. Because of this here is a Pionex crypto trading bots tutorial for your viewing enjoyment.

I ended up throwing $10,000 of my own money into these bots to test it out and show the results.

There are other crypto bot types including:
Grid Trading Bots
Martingale Bots
Rebalancing Bots
Smart trade Bots
Trailing Sell Bots
and much more

0:00 Intro
0:31 How to set up
1:30 Crypto bot types
2:33 You know who you are
3:10 Buying and selling bots
3:26 This is for ballers only
3:36 Trailing bots
4:02 Advanced grid bots
4:38 Moon bots
5:12 Lesson I learned the hard way
5:48 Where a bot makes sense
6:58 Risks of crypto bots
7:55 Checking out my $10k bot
8:30 My profits
10:44 My thoughts on results

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  1. There are quite a number of states that are NOT able to participate in Pionex. These states include Louisiana where I live. The email I got from Pionex states that the excluded states are New York, Texas, Utah, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Wisconsin, Arizona, Arkansas and Wyoming. And even though Louisiana isn't on this list, it is excluded too.

  2. These definitely take the emotions out of trading.
    If you invest a grand at the right time. It can nicely help towards paying monthly mortgage with out doing anything. Just start it and collect profits once a week or month.

  3. Great Video, very informative thank you!!

    Question for you. I am extremely new to the crypto space so please bare with me. I live in Canada. I currently have an NDAX account that allows me to transfer funds from my bank in CAD. I have the ability to buy USDT. Am I able to skip the transfer of those USDT to a Binance? Can I just do a straight transfer after its converted into the Pionex wallet? Any help you offer is greatly appreciated.

  4. Under manual settings for Pionex bots, under “Investment” What is the positive of negative if investing Both Coins vs say USDT only? Can’t find any info on this thanks

  5. Great video, but you went on a tangent explaining different bot, and never came back to complete the setup of the 10k moon bot. Still good info, but would have liked to have seen a lil more on the complete setup.

  6. Even if the market goes down and the bot continue buy the dip , it will buy in good average price..! , and when it reverse will sell all the orders 👌🏻

  7. BEWARE PIONEX WITHDRAWS.. have tried for a week to withdraw tether to coinbase. Email verification is not working. KYC verified and email verification is Bound. Not receiving email verification when submitting withdraw. not in spam folders either.

  8. If it was just that one bot, I'd say trading yourself will make more money that a bot would. Like right now, I'm in ISIG since last thursday and my gain is 435 currently with only 1000 worth of shares. BUT, if you had multiple bots going then it would be worth it. 200+ in 16 days is not great for a 10k investment.

  9. You missed out on $6000. I Sat down in 2009 to buy Bitcoin for£100. but after a while i came to conclusion that nothing will come out of it and i didnt buy it and stopped persuing it. real story, my biggest mistake in life so far. but hey. working hard on beating it though.

  10. What’s up Max . I love your channel The one part that threw me is the coin? The descriptions. What are those names and rectangles ? Looks like they force you to use ERC20 TRC20 BRC20 what is that I had everything understood until I saw that …..

  11. He made a big mistake of running the bot with 10k. He should have done dollar cost averaging and started 10 bots at different time with 1k. They would performed better.

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