How To Double Your $1200 Stimulus Check Money (3 Investment Ideas)

How to double your stimulus check by investing it with these top 3 investments

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Today we’re discussing how we’re going to try to DOUBLE your stimulus check by investing it with these 3 Investment ideas.

A lot of people want to know how to invest, what’s the best asset class? Is it stocks ? Which kind of stocks? Dividend stocks or something else? Is it perhaps real estate with its ability to borrow cheap money and leverage it during low interest rate periods? Or is it something else? Today I want to share my how to invest for beginners by showing how I’m investing during a recession.

Normally I use WeBull, Robinhood, and M1 Finance as my primary brokers, but today I wanted to show you another investment of mine that I think will outperform all of these by far. At the very least, it’s a good hedge as an insurance policy against our current recession. Will the stock market recover? Or will we see lower lows?

I’ve tried watching and reading millionaires, billionaires, and real estate moguls for dozens of hours, and I wasn’t able to find any actionable advice. So I came up with what I thought was the best strategy going forward, not just for passive income and defensive stocks, but also an asset class that may be the future of the financial market.

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  7. I live in Argentina, where printing money had been a standard practice for years, leading to high inflation and people running out of the currency, buying goods, properties or US dollars. That makes all those seeming to go up, when in reality it is the currency sinking down. (Similar when you go in a train and see the trees moving) What you think it will happen to Bitcoin, could possible be happening already with the stock market for more traditional investors and that could explain the disconnect between the real economy and the market. The explanation for the market going up unrealistically , could be an indication the currencies are already sinking because of the excessive printing, but we had not realized yet or do not want to believe that scenario….

  8. New Investor: I think I'm gonna put my check in this stock that has a 35% dividend yield.
    Me: What stock is it?
    New Investor: I can't remember the name.
    Me:……………………………….that's exactly what you need to do with your check. No doubt.

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