WONDERLAND $TIME massive update based on this dip that created an opportunity to make BONDS more profitable than Staking right now.

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In this episode
– Wonderland ($TIME) bonds
– Impermanent loss explained
– Immortal Monks update on their dao


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  1. SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE: when you provide LP (as I did in the video) you don’t GET BACK what you provided. Rather you get new TIME tokens from the treasury. The reason it’s so lucrative is cause of how CHEAP time is right now + the MINT discount.

  2. 0:551:20
    first minute in, you're already explaining bonding wrong.

    you're not giving wonderland your TIME
    you're giving them other cryptos, and they create and give you TIME in return.

    good job with the clickbait face and title. you've earned yourself a downvote.

  3. First of all, when you stake you would also get very high returns if the price goes up. Secondly, when you lock a $5200 price, you are absolutely facked when the price dips to 5k which happens all the time these days..

  4. Doubt we'll see a 10-8k TIME again. Logic say because of the APY, price will trend downward, that's just a given. Now the question is, will the apy outpace price drop. That's the real bet. Hope ppl participating realized by now, TIME or all OHM forks won't all be top 10.. just not gonna happen.

  5. Those bond discounts are Set, if price of TIME drops in market then that discount melts away and can even be negative. That’s why at the time of wanting to jump in the project you need to look at the 5 day ROI of staking (9.5%+-) vs. The discount on the Bonds (5 day hold as well).

  6. Just remember when you are minting, you have to stake your rewards manually. So depending on where you live this can be good or bad lol. I would stake right before your rebase time is up. Set your alarm 5 minutes before the rebase, claim your rewards, and then the next rebase will stake on top of your new balance.

  7. Impermanent loss doesn't apply while bonding because you have made the trade to the dao by selling time or other dao token to the protocol got time or other token for a discounted price. Only difference of the usual trade and this trade is the days vested to get back the complete token. Hope I explained well.

  8. Great video, thx, and finally learned how to make a 1 to 1 pool. But where does the manual part come in where I have to manually come back to stake or bond, etc every epoch? Know what I mean?

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