I just revealed all the top keywords on our niche site (to make you more money)

Everybody teaching SEO these days always hides their site’s top article titles. Well today, Jim reveals ALL in an effort to really show you how to rank in search.

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  1. I read the whole post on the 7 Hunting Spots and this was an amazing read. I don't even hunt but it has gotten me interested for sure. Love what you are doing there. Wish I could write this well.

  2. That farewell pet site not ranking because personal point of view in article, it ranking because site relevance (site title, domain, site other posts..) it bring more value in eyes of google, then some general sites have.

  3. Not trying to hate on them, but understand that this is a cherry picked example. This is not the typical result. Show me 2 more examples (just 2) like this lol. Not gonna happen. Understand this please.

  4. Good to hear. Been using 'I' for my articles all along – hate it when people write "we" to make their blog sound more like a business when it's clearly just one person. 'I' is just natural and more like me having a conversation with another person. 'I' will keep doing it.

  5. Hey guys, does your method of just writing posts and waiting for traffic to come still works? I get the feeling that in 2021, without at least some initial link building, the website won't be indexed. I have a bunch of long-form good quality, first-hand experience content on my website, I've identified myself as an author, and it's showing many posts as Crawled – Not Indexed – Excluded, and I hardly get any impressions let alone clicks at all, since I launched it in September.

  6. Hi Jim,

    I have been following your search analysis process for a while.

    And I have found a very critical issue.

    Every time I follow alphabet soup, I am seeing students from Income School are ranking them, they are really easy to find.

    In some cases, I saw several Income school students fighting for a specific query, which makes me think that somebody found that query first and then when he ranked on the query, somebody else found his site and tried to beat him.

    This is okay with pillar or staple posts because probably both 1st and 2nd results are getting traffic.

    But what if it is a response post? Is the 2nd result having ant traffic at all?

    And, what if I target those income school students, steal all their search queries, and try to beat them? Is it going to be worth it?

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    Tawsif Shah Mostafa

  7. Great video, but I want to comment on an issue I’ve seen in articles people try to write based on personal experience. Readers can often tell when you’re making up stories. It’s not fooling anyone when you start most of your articles by saying, “Two years ago when my hamster was dying…” or “I am considering buying a ___ breed dog…” or “I spoke to my neighbor who had a cat with ___ problem.” I’ve seen it sooo much these days now that practically everyone with a website is suddenly an expert on pet care topics. You might think it doesn’t matter if you tell a white lie because it’s just a hamster, after all. But the reader is searching for true/trustworthy info on the topic and it’s kinda unethical to make stuff up just to make a buck, in my opinion. When I see writing like that, I cringe and click back to the SERP. Don’t try to fool your readers and don’t make stuff up. If you don’t have experience in your topic, either get some or write from a journalist’s perspective. Your audience will thank you and in the long run your site will do better.

  8. Looking at the article, some of the formatting is kind of strange. Some H2's are bolded and some aren't, Goodbye is even misspelled as Good Buy. Also the google snippet shows a list of 8 but the article only has 5 then goes onto different subjects (which complete the 8 in the snippet). It's a very long article so I guess that's what really matters.

  9. What If I find good underserved keywords but there are not enough to write 1000+ or more words about? what do you recommend? should I hamfist it / make jokes and stretch the words a little or make smaller posts?

  10. Jim you could sell socks, it simply wouldn’t matter. You have an absolute amazing natural presence on camera. Just so much fun to watch. As an income school subscriber and fellow YouTuber, you’re an inspiration, as well and an encyclopaedia of knowledge. Thank you!

  11. Hey jim, just wanted to ask if it'S Possible to be anonymous in your blog and still get success. Say the about us page wont show who i am and my face but why i do the blog and what's my objjective.

  12. Great video and insight on how Google values this type of content. That backfire site will probably out perform 1m views per month Im sure. You guys are on to something!

  13. Could these same principles apply to YouTube content? Meaning could you effectively take and create a niche channel using similar guidelines as creating a niche website? Obvious differences are there yet there may be a core for which to extrapolate no?

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