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2022 will be Cardano’s biggest year yet.
This year we’ll see the two final stages of Cardano’s development roadmap giving improvements from efficiency to governance and beyond.

Now It’s unfortunate that in 2021’s boom of NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi products, Cardano hasn’t really held the industry’s attention.
And Critics have been dismissive of the slow-burn achievements that have come out so far.
But what’s next for Cardano? Is it still the beast it once was?

Here’s where we stand and everything we can look forward to from the Cardano team in 2022.

Cardano DeFi Alliance
DeFi has been… a bit of a question mark for ADA holders.
While there is staking built-in with Cardano, there still aren’t many functional dApps in the ecosystem that can compete with the likes of BNB or Avalanche.
And this is despite the Alonzo smart contracts upgrade being released four entire months ago.
But Hoskinson has said that the ecosystem is there, and it’ll be very active in the coming weeks.

In one of his live videos he addresses concerns over the Cardano DeFi Alliance, specifically the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any DeFi use cases on the network.

He responded saying he has knowledge of 127 projects, including wallets, DEXs, and NFT marketplaces being built at the moment.

And to guide the direction of this network is the DeFi Alliance, a community of developers aiming to establish the standards and best practices in the spirit of quote “cooperative competitiveness”.

Now we can’t let Cardano completely off the hook..
They mostly missed out on the growth of the hundred-billion-dollar DeFi sector this year, but it seems there may be catalysts on the horizon

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  1. Why is the Cardano (ADA) pool MAX1, on the Daedalus wallet, colored red with an asterisk? Also, I note that it says that the pledge is only 5K ADA, whereas most other delegators have quite a bit more in. Please explain. Thank you, FYI… I am invested in your pool.😎

  2. Do 👉YOU care about them?✔ Do 👉YOU want them to succeed?✔ Do 👉 YOU want them to have the tools to do that?✔ Are 👉YOU gonna feel guilty if you don't?✔ Will they THANK 👉YOU for it later?✔ Are👉YOU gonna LIKE👍 and SHARE👌 to give them the chance at the quality coaching they need ? ? Well…. Are you ???

  3. Ahhhhhh… Sir. Max The Honorable… 25 is a truly awesome time in life!! I have some "Old Guy Advice" for you to add to your list of personal goals. I guarantee you'll never, EVER, regret it : Make a point every day, at least once, to specifically identify something, a moment, a feeling, a view, a flavor, … just something that makes 👉 YOU feel your very own contentment WOW! feeling. Savor it !! It's one of your "CONTENTMENT GEMS." Collect those little beauties up and very carefully save em. They are life's true and real profits. The one who dies with the most "contentment gems" is the real WINNER !!! Trust yur old guy on this one!!

  4. Hi Max, love your content and I'm new at this. I wanted to ask you about staking your ADA crypto. I have coinbase where I purchased most of my coins including ADA. Is it possible take my ADA on coinbase? I'm unclear in regards to how it works?

  5. What do you think of Vitalik Buterin’s tweet this am asking ETH fans what is their favorite competitor to ETH. ADA was number one. Hmmmm. What’s his angle here? Charles seems to respect VB but I’m not sure the feeling is mutual. ADA may be a threat to ETH since it’s so much less energy intensive.

  6. ‘22 will be Cardano’s yr. Defi and Metaverse projects finally will go live this yr. Also the long awaited Sundae Swap DEX.

    Keep your eye on $PBX (cross-chain defi) $LQ (defi) $PAVIA (Metaverse) $SUNDAE (dex) $Muesliswap (dex)

  7. ethereum will fail for sure. The world economy will crash within the coming years and ethereum cannot keep itself above water either. Bitcoin will be okay, the crypto's with actual physical value and a few others will also remain, almost all others will crash with the world. Yes, you read that correctly and please act accordingly.

  8. Ada bro I guess people are trying of waiting for this project to pump, I had a couple of asset from this coin and I sold it coz tried of waiting for the pump but it has not happened.. I guess it like 3 to 4 year. Sorry 😞 it’s my thoughts on this coin

  9. I 100% agree about Eth. Being slow and expensive is a good way to whacked in the digital world. Darwin may not have been totally correct about evolution of biological life but he nailed it for the digital world.
    Solana seems to be a case in point. I would love to have someone explain why I am wrong- all about learning.

  10. I own hundreds of thousands of shares in companies. I've made more than I need. Less than 1% in crypto. Own thousands of tokens, but so far nothing. I've taken a set it and forget it attitude with crypto.

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