Best Metaverse Coins December 2021!! (Best Opportunities in Crypto)

Best Metaverse crypto coins 2021 – Best altcoins to buy now 2021 in the Metaverse and gaming coins sectors?

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Best Metaverse Crypto Coins – 00:00
Metaverse Land & NFTs – 01:24
Metaverse Game Tokens – 05:54
Metaverse Infrastructure – 10:25


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  1. This viedo is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I've been interested in learning where to begin with investing in Metaverse, only clueless when it comes to gaming. I now have a way better understanding and know which way to head. I feel comfortable making my next moves due to your detailed explanation in a way which could be understood by people like myself who know nothing about gaming. Huge thanks to you for your help!! Definitely going to check out more of your videos. Thanks again!!

  2. Great tutorial, thank you for that, buy my question is what is my best bet for earning as somewhat of a beginner? Play to earn, ext. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks again 🍻🍻

  3. What do you think about Metaverse indexes such as MVI? Where do you see the risk level of these initiatives? I find them interesting as a way to get exposure.. Thanks!

  4. Love your content, mate. Would you be able to do a review on Khaos Verse? It is on a exchange Pulse Chain Network and creating the first pulse to the eth bridge

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