How to Optimize For Google’s E A T Algorithm

How to Optimize For Google’s E-A-T Algorithm | Google made a big change with their medic update. The medic update stops people who don’t have authority on a certain topic from ranking really well. Good example of this, I’m a marketer. If I write on surgeries and how you can cure yourself from all these problems like cancer, Google will not want to rank you no matter how many links I have, how many domain authority, it doesn’t matter, why? Because I’m not an expert when it comes to medicine or advise to people’s health. Today I’m going to teach you how to optimize for Google’s EAT algorithm.

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As I mentioned, Google released the medic update. If I were to give medical advise, I would be doing a disservice to people and I could potentially harm them. Because of that, Google doesn’t want to rank me for medical-based information.

At the same time, they also don’t want to rank people for medical-based information who are phonies claiming that they know all this medical stuff when they really don’t.

The same goes for financial information. If I went out there and I started giving advise on 401Ks and retirement, how to live life when you’re 60 years old, keeping in mind I’m 34 and I have no clue about retirement yet because I’m nowhere near that age.

Why should I rank for that? I could be doing a disservice and harming people.

Google’s doing this for the best interest of people using Google and it’s the right thing to do.
So today, I’m going to teach you how to build up your expertise authority, and trustworthiness.

This is what’s called EAT, right? Expertise, authority, trustworthiness, stands for eat.

And when you build this up you can start ranking for more things. Now pages that can be potentially hit by the medic update or by Google’s EAT, you know, update is usually ones that are in happiness, health, financial stability, or anything that’s related to the safety of other people.

So just news websites, government, law-related websites, financial advice websites, shopping information, medical advice, information just generally on people, all these are types of sites that we’re seeing that are being effected.

So let’s go into how you can optimize for EAT so that way you can do well.

Tip #1. Establish your own expertise, right? So, I want you to start putting your bio everywhere.

When you write content, put your bio. Tell people why you are an expert on that topic. Why should they pay attention to you? Google doesn’t want a journalist who’s a freelance writer talking about financial advise. Or, a general writer that you get on Upwork talking about medical conditions and what you should do if you have a brain tumor. They want people who are experts, doctors writing on medical-based content.

In addition to that, you can also try to guest post on other websites, that helps, especially if they’re in your niche. Get on other people’s podcasts, that helps again. This all brands you as an expert.

Tip #2. Work with trusted sources.

If you’re talking about scientific-based research, include links in your article to back up your sources, your claims.

When I talk about marketing stats, sometimes I mention stats like, did you know 49% of the search that happen on Google result in no clicks? I don’t just say that because I’m making it up. I say it because I got that data from Jump Shot, right.

They publish it around the web and with their data and they analyze billions of clicks, they said 49% of all searches that happen on Google result in no clicks. So by citing your sources, it makes you seem more reputable and it makes you seem more trusted.

Tip #3. Design your content to be helpful for people.

With the specific purpose in mind of helping other people, not Google, not Facebook, not Instagram. I know this is hard because as I see it as a marketer we’re like, how can I optimize my page for Google or for Facebook.

They want to optimize their pages, their listings, their results for their end user, so if you also do the same yeah in the short run you may not rank where you want or get as much social love, but in the long run you will do better.

What do people want to achieve by reading your content? Ask people that and if you can answer that within your content, you’ll do great. Does your page have a beneficial purpose? If it does, great.

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  1. Hey Neil great info. Can you tell some tips how to work on affiliate blogs with no expertise as a beginner.? How to gain authority. If I m a beginner for tech gadgets review websites..

  2. Hey Neil I have a quick question.
    I want to start a website about vegetarian diet and fitness so can you plz tell me, will I be affected by this EAT algorithm.

  3. Google is fraudulently in possession of creator's income to the tune of billions after their india slave shop model got forced on creators income , even up to 30 % gets taken from creators, alternative means of donations . YOU ARE MAFIA FUCKERS THAT STEAL THE CREATOR's DONATIONS NOW TOO ? Your mother country's nukes should be confiscated , this is boiling down to dirty play if india should be the centre of a global war one day. With their hardliner belief system forced on a billion innocent people , their government can be the next major disaster not the volcano's to the east !

  4. Hey neil, i am medical student and I started medicine blog Treatment , disease conditions etc..

    Can it's affect google EAT algorithm. How Can i rank please solve my query.

  5. We are preaching from the same hymnal Neil. Love your stuff. I need to add more Google Analytics experts to my team and ease the workload. Any suggestions for expertise I can bring on board to help?

  6. Sir can you please make a video on how to use YouTube screenshots or any images in a blog which is copyrighted. You said we should use images in our blog to make it more readable. So what kind of images we can use and what kind of we can't and can we make such articles monetized? Please guide us sir. Thank you

  7. Jump on the Pinterest bandwagon if you're in health and wellness. Even Dr Axe took a huge hit from Google. From 13.5 million visits to 675 thousand. Just look in SEMrush. If he didn't have a huge following on Pinterest he'd probably picking up aluminum cans on the highway for scrap metal by now.

  8. If google would not rank our websites, why would we want to optimize our pages for google. We might as well use paid ads. Correct me if I'm wrong, they have no problem if we use paid ads to get our medical info on the first page of google, but we just can't do it organically, right? Why would you be interested in taking tips on google optimization? If there is less interest in google optimization, what does this say about viewerships stats for people helping us to optimize our pages to increase google rankings? What does it say about the future of seo marketers like Neil Patel?

  9. Seo is dead. Now it's impossible to start a new blog with new domain and rank in 4 to 6 months. You can't even build backlinks now Google wants it organically. They do anything to make you pay adwords. Youtube, Facebook are all the same. They don't want you to grow organically. Now Facebook started change Instagram people experience massive decreasing on organic reach. Your followers are not yours. Best thing you can do is collect emails from your customers and followers. Because soon or later these platforms will be gone or replaced.

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