Google is up to no good, but it opened an opportunity

A recent study showed that two-thirds of Google searches ended without a click. That’s not great news, or is it? Jim breaks down why this headline is misleading and how the study makes a major case for utilizing snippet optimization.

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  1. But if Google was stopped or regulated what would happen with multiple search and multiple algorithms that we would have to figure out. Everyone would be jumping around trying to jockey for the best position on different sites and never grow because it takes time to grow. If I'm jumping around chasing position?? Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Two thirds of my google searches are:
    X feet in cm
    X fahrenheit in celsius
    X cups in grams
    Stuff like that because many people on blogposts and youtube videos don't include both. 🤓

  3. Great video, that's encouraging. I apologize for going off-topic but felt someone here would have gone through this before. I have a website that is about 11 months old and a YouTube channel for it as well. My problem is that I've been getting harassed (email) by someone in Asia. I have a .com website and it seems like they are trying to convince me that they are selling all others available or getting me to buy them. I'm not sure if they are full of it to get me to buy them up, or should I be concerned about this damaging my website's name that may be brandable someday? My plan is to ignore it. Has anyone gone through this? I appreciate any feedback. Nice home, congrats.

  4. Does google has any content of its own? It's scraping contents from other websites. Websites are allowing google to scrape their contents because the owners thought google wouldn't manipulate. But now things are changing.

  5. Where I am in the UK they say "Jump the queue". I have a question: I have a blog for years and I started to write answer target to win the snippet. How can I know when Google featured one of my article in a features snippet?

  6. Google is not being monopolistic with Bloggers, they're just serving their customers (the searchers) with the fastest, most accurate response to queries. If Bloggers want to get visitors, they can pay Google for it. Google pays a lot to get people to use Google and not Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine. Some of those companies (like Microsoft) are bigger and richer (Microsoft has more operating dollars) and older. Let's be honest 🙂

  7. Jim,
    Love the wide spacious house thing…..👍How is it you have just moved and yet already the rooms look organised and tidy, in fact that office seems identical to the previous….lol.
    Great and useful information, looking forward to the “secret words” and yes here in tr UK we “jump the queue”

  8. for a minute I thought you were going to talk about Google/Chrome killing off 3rd party cookies in 2021, I think that's an even bigger issue smaller bloggers should look out for as I bet ad revenue will take a steep dive, unless you have people logging into your site and have email data you can pair with these ID solutions for targeted advertising. I'd love to see you do a video on your thoughts on that! I think that issue in general would de-motivate anyone from starting a blog in this day and age!!!

  9. My clicks jumped 110% this month (with a nice income jump too). I couldn't figure out why because my Google ranking for those pages didn't change. What changed was that Google chose to create snippets for several pages that I'd written answer targets for. Happy, happy, happy… I wouldn't have even known to look to see if I had the snippets if not for this video.

  10. Reminded me of Harry Potter, "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good." Cue the awesome Harry Potter intro theme song! You guys are so AWESOME!!! Thank you for helping so many others to jump the queue in getting an edge on this industry! Keep it coming! God bless! -CEO Ben 😀

  11. Are you going to be making an adaptation to the post recipe for multiple answer targets on the project 24 website? Everyone watching the video can obviously make changes on their own, I was just curious if the info on p24 would change?

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