YouTube Name Ideas: How To Come Up With Good YouTube Channel Names

Learn how to come up with YouTube channel name ideas. Cool and creative YouTube channel names can attract more viewers. Use this YouTube channel name tips to find a creative channel name today.

Everyone needs to have a great name for their YouTube channel. So I’ve decided to make this tutorial video to show you the exact process that I’ve followed myself as well as with some of my YouTuber friends to come up with excellent channel names.

Watch this video to see the types of channel names; pro’s and con’s of each channel name type; and also the exact step by step process you can follow to find a great YouTube channel name ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I think that name of youtube channel really makes the difference. On my personal channel (great that there is no other channel named Brett Slansky…lol) I have videos about affiliate marketing, video mareting or how to videos, but only people who know me click and watch my videos. But than I have two more channels with a name that creates curriousity and those channels have over 90K subscribers. So I am testing two types of names – 1 Personal branding name, 2 – Name that creates curiosity. So its kinda interesting you have created a video on this topic. Definitely will help people to come up with great names.

  2. I love simple names because people will remember them better. For example, my YouTube name is simple, but I'm willing to change it because I extended my business more than just simple SEO tools. My Ukrainian name is difficult to pronounce. It's up to you to create a simple name.

  3. Hi Greg, I follow your guest post strategy. (find gust post website on FB). but my niche is "Personal Development" So I don't get targeted guest post websites. So I write guest posts for multiple niche websites. (a lot of those websites don't have personal development related post).

    is that worth to write guest posts for those websites or just time-wasting? any suggestion?

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