Hey Hidden Gem family! Just an update on why the wonderland $TIME price is crashing. This is a deeper dive of the liquidations that caused the horrid tumble in TIME price. Don’t panic though. WAGMI!

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In this episode
– $TIME liquidation
– what leverage trading is example
– explanation of MIM liquidation on Abracadabra
– giving away all my ad channel revenue to you guys


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  1. do your research… even if time wonderland went crap UP …. the owners Daniel will put treasury cash and Bonds back into Wonderland …. No one Losses on Wonderland …. Come on man …dont make these click bait stuff just to get views and add rev

  2. yeah, I've been in for 5 days, ever time it rebases the price goes down and I have less money, hopefully it stops before it ends up worthless xD now this was my first real crypto investment, so I assumed I was throwing money into a void, I also planned to wait out the entire year to see how it goes,
    even with that said, just watching your money slowly bleed is some stress lol

  3. What about the fact that you can’t leverage stable pin anymore but only their essentially junk coin, which can be like adding sand to a sieve if you’re trying to save your position. It’s on purpose so they can steal whatever wth or actual coin you are putting in. He lies when he says oh giving “people” free money; you are you giving THEm free money.

  4. Thanks man. Have been watching my investment crumble and now understand why. I learned something today :). Have not been leveraging and won't be selling, but will very likely buy some more when I feel the dip has gone low enough.

  5. TIME Wonderland is at $3,657.17, what liquidation are you talking about????? It doesn't matter what you say but when the price goes from $4,449 to $3,655.98 in less that 24 hours, anyone can tell you that this is a scam. Give it another 5 days and TIME price will be less than $3,000. Wanna bet?

  6. It is absolutely disturbing how you lured innocent people in

    keeping their TIME Wonderland when a level headed person can tell you that is

    an absolute scam. Everyone who thinks that TIME Wonderland is a legitimate

    and feasible profit, go to your local financial advisor and everyone will tell

    you that this is an ABSOLUE SCAM!

  7. The crypto market has been favourable in the past weeks, I keep missing out on this opportunity, I'm most certainly very impatient how can I ever make a profit in the crypto market.

  8. ➡ Never trade crypto with leverage! This is for pro traders with alot of experience.
    ➡ Never sell when price is falling. The big guys buy when price falls and the amateurs sell
    ➡ Never make crypto decisions with emotions. You ever wondered why candlesticks on charts are green and red? Because it has an effect on your psychology, when you see a big red candlestick while price is falling, you will more likely sell and the color is doing its part
    ➡ Invest and dont trade. Set your goals before when you want to sell and when you want to buy. Dont sell just because people panic, dont buy just because people are hyped up. Set a price which you re happy with. Plan your trade, trade your plan.
    ➡ keep emotions out of your investment decisions, i cant emphasize this enough! There is a reason hedge funds pay hundreds of millions for computers to make the decision
    ➡ always look at the big timeframe, weekly, monthly etc.
    always keep calm, see you at the🏁

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