Affiliate Marketing SEO 2.0 – Month 7 Affiliate Site Update

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For the full month seven affiliate marketing update you can go to this blog post:

I bought the KGR keyword research pack from here –

The power of compounding video which I recommend watching is here:

Remember, this is my advanced search engine optimization strategy for my affiliate marketing website…

If you want to watch the entire beginners seo method – Shotgun SEO –

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If the game of affiliate marketing is still new to you, be sure to watch my full affiliate marketing course for free –

To get all of this data I share at the end you will need to have your site map tied into Google search consul and I teach how to accomplish this in this video:

Now, topday we look at a niche site project in the kitchen knives space for our affiliate marketing tutorial.

The theory is that you are an Amazon affiliate building out a niche authority site designed to rank well in Google and attract organic visitors from search engines.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started making money online but it does not create passive income as you will see in this video. Passive income is a total lie

the truth is that building a successful affiliate website with SEO in 2020 is a very active process that takes a lot of work.

The work is building great content and structuring it so it helps your visitors find exactly what they want so they can make the right choice on Amazon after clicking through your affiliate link.

At this phase we are looking at how search engine optimization works together with a logical site structure to help your audience members who found your site but did not find the exact product they want, to find the actual product that they’re searching for.

We are going beyond the keyword research at this point but if you haven’t done proper keyword research for your site yet, this video shows how-

The theory here is that when your affiliate website helps your visitors find what they want more quickly, you will make more sales.

This is where the idea of siloing your content comes in the play through SEO silos:

 If they find your website difficult to use or have the realization that they’re not going to find what they’re looking for on your website they will click the back button and go to one of your competitors

which is obviously a not your goal. your goal is to help them gain clarity on the product they’re researching, get excited about purchasing and ultimately clicking on your Amazon affiliate link to go complete the transaction.

It is important to remember that as an affiliate marketer leveraging SEO you only make money when you actually help your audience members gain clarity, overcome objections, answer the questions in their head and effectively presell them on buying the product they desire.

You will see in this video through a site architecture example how you can structure your content at every level to easily make your authority site easy to navigate with a combination of internal linking and ultimate guide like posts.


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  1. 10 Backlinks to one article or 10 backlinks to 10 separate articles? If we’re doing skyscraper wouldn’t it be beneficial to do something like 2 separate articles 5 backlinks each? Been watching your content for like ages now since I was 13 I’m 18 now. Your content got me smelling some victory’s in the future. Love to see it. Cheers to you miles 🥂

  2. This case study is super helpful! Thanks for putting it together! I've binge watched the first 7 videos and have picked up several very cool ideas for my current sites.
    Can you talk more about how you are acquiring backlinks? You've mentioned (1) you hired a backlink team, (2) that you bought some PBN links to get things going, and (3) you hired Reach Creator (for around $2100) for outreach. I would love to learn more. Can you point me in the right video where you go into this in depth?
    Also, you mentioned that you hired someone to do product research. Do you talk more about that in one of your videos or blog posts? Would love to know more about this too.
    Thanks, again!

  3. I've done similar strategies. Let me add somethings. 1- The articles don't have to be thousands of words, even 300 words would over rank others if it's exactly what they're looking for. 2- Don't try to be a good guy in the blog. Give strong call to actions like "get yours from this link right now". Because some people are old and can't figure out stuff on websites, so get confused too quickly. 3- Clearly say that you spend time on figuring out these details and you will earn commission on qualifying purchases to keep making content like that. People would love to support you if they know how. 4- Be consistent on publishing new content and updating your old articles. 5- Compress the core answer in an emotional way that picks curiosity in 100 words for your google listing. Like if the question is "how can I rank my articles", the google listing be like "You can rank fast if actually people search for your articles, have lots of articles, authority, back links, ….". The goal is to give them a piece of the core answer. My CTR is unbelievably high using this method. 6- Use meme pics or link gif on your articles. Why? Do you have any friend that never lough with you? * Thank you Miles for your awesome videos.***

  4. Love this clear, actionable content. I'm new to affiliate marketing and you have a way of breaking things down so that even a total newbie like me can take i and use it.

  5. Hey Miles, great info as always. Quick question about your WP theme recommendation–your website says you use the Thrive Theme builder, but both your site and your wife's site use the Astra theme offered by Woo Commerce. Is that a better theme in your opinion? Looked for a way to contact on your site, but couldn't find one. Figured this was the next best option.

  6. Another great month! Thanks for continuing these videos it’s exciting to see your progress and growth, I don’t think I’ve seen anybody else do this.

    However I do have some questions, I am not running an affiliate website but I do sell products. I have followed your SEO growth strategies and I’m currently hitting around 160 organic views per day but no sales. My content ranks on keywords such as ‘Most expensive brands’ which relates to what I sell, luxury branded accessories and fragrances is there something wrong? My organic reach keeps growing but nothing when it comes to sales. Do some products take longer to get sales due to competition etc?

    I plan to continue to grow our blogs to eventually make money through monetisation at least but is there anything else you could suggest?

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