A Quick Hack That'll Help You Rank For More Keywords

Today I’m going to share with you a quick hack that’ll help you rank for more long-tail keywords.

Ubersuggest: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Google Search Console? https://search.google.com/search-console

So if you already have it, make sure you sign up for Google search console. It’s a free app from Google, that tells you any errors you have on your website, what keywords you’re ranking for, and things that you can do to improve your SEO rankings. Once you go through and install Google search console, you’re off into the races.

You’ll see a report that looks something like this, but for your website. Now, I want you to click on open report. From there, I want you to click on pages, and this will show you all the pages that are driving traffic to your website. And you can click on any page. So for this one, let me click on what is affiliate marketing.

This is my page on affiliate marketing, it gets traffic for a lot of random key terms. Some of the queries that are ranked for, you just click on queries. Once you click through on the page, and it’ll show you a list of all the queries that the page ends up ranking for.

So one of the queries that I ended up ranking for is affiliate marketing. So, let’s go to Google and type in the keyword affiliate marketing. As you can see here, I’m up there at the top and already ranked for affiliate marketing, which is great, but there are other terms that I could rank for, that are longer variations of that term.

See, if you rank on Google for the head term, that short variation or whatever term all ready, you can easily get traffic for longer variations of that term. So, then you would want to go to Uber suggest, and type in the term that you’re already ranking for. So in this case, I would type in affiliate marketing, and it’ll end up giving you data on that term, such as the search volume, trends and other keywords.

Now what I want you to do is click on view all keyword ideas. And this will give you a list of other keywords, affiliate marketing for Amazon, affiliate marketing Amazon, with Amazon, affiliate marketing programs, companies with affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing for beginners, affiliate marketing companies. So I could end up creating articles around a lot of these terms.

So let’s look at, let’s say affiliate marketing for Amazon, because there’s a lot of different variations of that. And if you add them up, it can add up to a lot of traffic. So if I type in affiliate marketing for Amazon, let’s see, check this out. Neil Patel, nope, nope, I’m not ranking there. I’m not ranking anywhere to be found, CNBC.

In essence, I went all the way down to page one, wasn’t there at all. Page two, wasn’t there. Why is this? because I don’t really have any articles on affiliate marketing for Amazon. So what I would do is, go into my WordPress, and go and create an article on affiliate marketing for Amazon. Now here’s the trick.

See, when you go back to the Uber suggest report, that’s actually the article. So if you go back to the Uber suggest report, which looks like this, there’s going to be a lot of variation. Some of them are going to be similar. Some of are going to be different. But all the similar ones you want to combine into one article. Then all the other ones that are also similar, you want to combine into a different article. And you want to keep doing that. You may then end up having three, or four, or five additional articles around that main topic.

So in this case, it’d be my article on affiliate marketing. And you’ll want to modify this article and link out to, those other articles that you have on the same topic that go more in depth on subtopics. When you do this, Google will say and see in their head, Hey Neil all ready ranks for affiliate marketing, his site’s very relevant to it. He now has more in depth articles on affiliate marketing that are on more granular topics like Amazon affiliate marketing, or how to get started with affiliate marketing.

And by linking out to them from this page that already ranks for the head term, what you’ll find is, you’ll also quickly start ranking for the longer tail variations as well. So that’s it, follow that, and you’re going to start getting higher rankings for long-tail variations, and you’re going to start seeing more and more traffic.

Ensure these longer-tail terms don’t get as much traffic as the head terms, but when you add them all up, it actually generates more traffic in most cases than just the head term.

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  1. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the video.
    When you link out from he head term page to the long-tail keyword article what do you suggest linking from the long-tail article? A link back with the head term as an anchor or link back to your home page or somewhere else?

  2. You should add that the opposite strategy works as well too. Start by focusing on the lowest search volume longtail phrases that have little competition where you can build top rankings easier…and then link those back to your head keyword article (as well as insert links in that article to your long-tail keyword articles) that is too competitive for you to challenge and, over time you will build a network of high rankings for surrounding keyword phrases that will demonstrate to Google that your head article NEEDS to be ranked as well…even if the listings on the first page for the head term are totally out of your league based on domain authority.

  3. Thanks Neil for this video, I always follow your lessons on SEO and it has been helpful to my blog.

    I launched a new blog in the month of May 2020, I have up to 10 unique articles, my domain authority is just 2 and I'm seeing some of my blog post rank on 2nd, 3rd, 4th page with their respective target keywords.

    I want to get to page one of Google, please what should I improve on.

    Thanks Neil

  4. Great video as always. I have a question, we can say "affiliate marketing" is a cornerstone article. Do you think could be useful double link from long tail to it and from it to long tail?

  5. thank you sir, very very interesting and helpful,would you please tell me why my organic keywords and traffic showing zero on Ahre's report, though my backlink is almost 25k.what is the solution?please Help

  6. How long does it take for Search Console to work? mine just says processing data. Google analytics seems to be working, at least it tells me when someone visits a page! any help would be appreciated!

  7. Hey neil brother,I have 2 Question
    Due to lack of time for some month I will use paid article spinner on my new website but After paid spinning my article showing plagiarism in high plagiarism tools ex. quetext plagiarism checker, copyleaks etc. But not showing plagiarism in normal tools of plagiarism checker
    1) Does google consider my article in plagiarize?
    2) Can I rank in google by using spin article ?

  8. hey neil! i hope i can get a reply, related to getting backlinks so i have this confusion experts say to email higher authority websites relating to your niche appreciating them on there work and to request them for backlinks what i don't get is that why would they give backlinks to us when they themselfs work on the same niche won't this make them loose there own customers if they link to us ?

  9. Hello Neil, i'm planning to lunch my first website inform of wordpress blog. It main purpose is for affilate marketing products reviews. The site will target different products on same niche. I plan to outsource the setup and design of the blog on fiverr. Pls whats your advice? what should request the web designer to do to enhance GOOD Users experiences and SEO? Thanks

  10. Again an awesome content. Thanks for it. Ubersuggest really helps me when it comes to finding keywords and content ideas.

    Sir, I am starting with a new website : 4 posts (two posts a week), 0 backlinks, 1 DA and 1 PA. Could you personally give me some tips for growth of my website. 🙂

    You know a thing, If I wld be having some money. The first thing I would be doing probably, was reaching your agency. Would surely look to it a day.

    I would be happy, if you leave a reply for me.

  11. Hello sir i have recently discovered you , i have a question , while purchasing host the plan i choose don’t have a SSL certificate, i got a free certificate from cloudfare , does ssl certificate effect my SEO? Subscribed ^_^

  12. Hi, Neil Great Video as always.
    I tried this method a few months back but some of my newly written posts not even ranking for a single term. I started to get more clicks on my already ranking posts but the new one is not ranking anywhere on Google.

    2. Does Keyword density matter in 2020?

  13. Hi Neil, thank you for your content. Do you know many digital marketers that made it without a degree (or with a degree completely non related to the field)? Thanks in advance, I'm young and I'm following your courses with diligence, your tips on getting started are gold.

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